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Niagara University
Niagara University, NY 14109

Multicultural Profile
Founded in 1856 by the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers, Niagara University has always been concerned with the rights and dignity of each individual. In fact, the mission of the University has its base in that very principle and according to a recent Middles States review it is one of the entire University exemplifies.

It is for this very reason, NU offers a wide variety of academic, social, cultural, and athletic opportunities to all students. With an undergraduate population of approximately 2,300 students and a 17:1 student/faculty ratio, Niagara students do not get lost in a crowd. Average class size is about 25 students. This ensures personal attention inside and outside the classroom.

NU offers 50 academic programs and over 800 courses, a selection usually found at much larger universities. NU has also funnelled its resources into areas which meet the needs of its multitalented population. These include: the Honors Program for the academically gifted students; the Academic Exploration Program for students who wish to delay the selection of an academic major; and the Niagara University Opportunity Program for students who have the potential to complete a university program but need additional academic and economic support.

In addition to its academic programs, NU provides numerous opportunities for those students who are seeking to enrich their educational and professional background. These include our cooperative education programs, internships, research work, and study abroad.

If you are looking to become involved in on-campus programs, NU has over 70 different academic, social, cultural, and athletic organizations from which to choose. These include: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, the Black Student Union, the Hispanic Society, the Ethnic Awareness Association, the NU Gospel Sound, and the Niagara University Community Action Program.

NU's Multicultural Student Advisement Services not only provides academic guidance, but also organizes special events during the academic school year. These include guest speakers, ethnic dinners, and numerous activities during Black History month.

Of special interest to many of our students is the Center for the Study and Stabilization of the Black Family. Established in 1987, the center focuses on defining issues confronting the modern American Black Family and developing cadre of social change agents who can and will have a significant impact on issues affecting this specific family unit. Students may also pursue a minor in Black Family Studies.

NU offers financial aid to more than 95% of those students who apply for assistance. The average aid package is over $10,500 per year. NU's financial aid awards are typically among the most generous in the nation. And awards go to students from a broad background of economic situations.

In fact, NU has many special scholarships for high school and transfer students who have demonstrated higher-than-average academic achievement. Best of all these scholarships are based on academic ability, not on financial need.

This three-tiered merit based program recognizes all incoming high school students who have maintained an overall high school average of 85% or who rank in the top 20% of their graduating class.

Specifically, NU awards the Honors Scholarship to high school students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement; the Trustees Scholarship to students who have a strong academic background; and the Presidential Scholarship to students who have maintained a challenging academic program and have either a high school average of 85% or rank in the top 20% of their graduating class. Transfer students who have maintained cumulative average of 3.0 for full-time or equivalent study are also eligible to receive the Presidential Scholarship.

In addition to these four-year merit scholarships, NU also offers community service scholarships (the Vincentian Study-Experience Scholarship) and Athletic Scholarships.

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